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Silicone or Saline Implants?

silicone implants

Just over six years since they were banned by the FDA, silicone breast implants are now most commonly used for cosmetic surgery procedures in America.

In fact they accounted for nearly three quarters of the 330,631 breast augmentations carried out in 2012, with only 28% of procedures using saline breast implants.

JWoww's Breast Augmentation Scars

JWoww breast augmentation scars

While the breast implants of reality TV celebrity JWoww of Jersey Shore were bound to make the news, the publicity was not necessarily what she hoped for.

A number of ‘news’ outlets ran stories that she was unwittingly showing off breast implant scars in a very revealing dress.

Although she has never tried to hide the fact that she’s undergone breast augmentation, gossip rags will always like to point out any perceived flaws, usually to make their readership feel better about themselves.

Industry Review is Long Overdue

Sir Bruce Keogh

The upcoming review of the cosmetic surgery industry may come as a shock to some and a relief to others. What most would agree on is that it is long overdue.

The NHS medical director, Sir Bruce Keogh, recently examined the cosmetic surgery industry in the UK, with a full review expected in March 2013.

To briefly surmise an in-depth review, the main problem identified in the promotion of plastic surgery was a tendency to trivialise serious procedures.

Breast Surgeons Abroad Using Questionable Sales Tactics

Riga, Latvia, breast surgery abroad

Strange sales tactics have been luring unsuspecting women abroad for breast surgery, an investigation by the Sunday Times claimed.

An undercover reporter who went to the Baltics for a consultation was told:

What time of year is best to have Breast Surgery?

Springtime Best For Breast Surgery

Although the decision to have breast surgery is a complex one that hinges on many different factors, there are some times of year which can aid the healing process.

Because cosmetic breast surgery causes swelling and soreness, the cooling temperatures of the winter months can help to sooth these sensations.

Winter and early spring also lend themselves to wearing the extra compression clothing that you may need to help your scarring to settle down properly.

Liberty X Singer Defends 'Boob Job'

Michelle Heaton post boob job

A pop star who had reconstructive breast surgery has hit out at abusive tweets following her operation.

Former Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton decided to have a double mastectomy as a preventative measure.

Because she has the BRCA2 cancer gene, having the mastectomy to remove her breasts was recommended to reduce her chances of getting cancer in later life.

She then had a breast reconstruction surgery afterwards in November 2012 to restore the look and feel of her breasts.

The Language of Cosmetic Surgery

cosmetic surgery 2013 guidelines

New guidelines now aim to make the language of cosmetic surgery more neutral.

It’s quite simple really – when cosmetic surgeons or breast surgeons are talking about work they will do, whether in person to the patient or on the text of their website, they should keep it objective.

A patient’s new breasts might be ‘bigger’, and this is an acceptable description as a statement of fact, but the doctor should not use the word ‘better’.

Breast Implant Surgery Booms In the UK

The cosmetic surgery industry is booming in the UK, according to 2012 figures which shows an increase in all procedures. A total of 43,172 surgical procedures were carried out in 2012 according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), an increase of 0.2% on the previous year.

Worldwide Poll Shows South Koreans Have Most Plastic Surgery

 South Koreans Have Most Breast Implant Surgery

In a study which attempted to find out how many plastic surgeries were performed worldwide, Britain came middle of the league in 16th place.

20,000 licensed plastic surgeons were polled across the globe. The results showed that skin and facial procedures were the most popular while breast surgery, including enlargements, reductions and uplifts, were the second most common types of cosmetic surgery.

Breast Implant Surgeries On The Rise

Breast surgeries are rising in the UK despite the economic recession, while other forms of cosmetic surgery are also proving popular.

It seems that when times are tough, people have all the more reason to want to lift their spirits with a confidence boosting surgery that improves their self esteem.

Breast enlargement surgeries were the most popular form of surgery, despite a rise in the number of anti-ageing procedures (such as botox) that were booked.


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