Should I have a Breast Reconstruction?

The decision to have a breast reconstruction is a serious one which should be thought through carefully.

Breast reconstructions are extremely valuable from a psychological perspective because they restore self confidence and help you to feel whole and attractive again. Breast reconstructions can be carried out at the time of breast cancer surgery or at any later date assuming you are fit for the surgery.

If you have health considerations such as heart disease or diabetes, if you are overweight or a smoker, then this could impact the ability of your body to handle the surgery and recover from it.

There are a number of questions to ask yourself before you consider reconstructive breast surgery including:

  • Is now the right time for me to have a reconstruction?
  • What type of reconstruction should I have?
  • How long will it take me to recover?
  • Will I need further treatment?

All these questions and more should be answered before you have the surgery in a personal consultation. Much of this meeting will involve managing your expectations so that you have a realistic view of what the surgery will achieve, how long it will take to recover and any possible complications. We take you through the various reconstruction options using before and after pictures of our work to help with your decision making.

Your new breasts will look and feel different but with a proper managed recovery and the right support you will feel back to your old self in a couple of months. Contact Jasper Gill today for more information on our different procedures.