Liberty X Singer Defends 'Boob Job'

A pop star who had reconstructive breast surgery has hit out at abusive tweets following her operation.

Former Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton decided to have a double mastectomy as a preventative measure.

Because she has the BRCA2 cancer gene, having the mastectomy to remove her breasts was recommended to reduce her chances of getting cancer in later life.

She then had a breast reconstruction surgery afterwards in November 2012 to restore the look and feel of her breasts.

However it seems that her motives were misinterpreted in the Twittersphere. Michelle received some abusive text messages about her decision in a process known as trolling.

The 33-year-old found herself defending her latest bout of surgery, via multiple Tweets in what can only be described as a bit of a rant.

She said: "I still now can't believe the tweets I get telling me my 'boob job' is disgusting. To all you un-educated people do your research before you bully me for something I did to potentially save my life. I've had enough! Move on, it's ridiculous you are still talking about it!

"I have BRCA2 cancer gene! I had a double mastectomy & reconstruction! That's it! Done!

I've moved on and am getting lot move on too!"

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