Industry Review is Long Overdue

The upcoming review of the cosmetic surgery industry may come as a shock to some and a relief to others. What most would agree on is that it is long overdue.

The NHS medical director, Sir Bruce Keogh, recently examined the cosmetic surgery industry in the UK, with a full review expected in March 2013.

To briefly surmise an in-depth review, the main problem identified in the promotion of plastic surgery was a tendency to trivialise serious procedures.

No better example can be given than the recommendation to ban botox parties and filler parties. These are often held in people’s living rooms by unqualified beauticians offering complex medical treatments which should be administered by trained doctors and nurses. It is shocking that it has taken until now to for something to be done.

Another issue was that of hard selling, with potential customers pressured into making their decisions by special time sensitive offers.

Among the recommendations made in Sir Bruce Keogh’s report was that doctors who perform cosmetic surgery should be trained on the General Medical Council specialist register. No-one should have to undergo a major operation such as a breast augmentation carried out by a doctor who is not even qualified to consult for the NHS.

A breast or cosmetic surgery should be carried out by a trained, qualified doctor. Take the time to choose the right professional for your operation – our health is the greatest gift we have and nothing else in life can be enjoyed without it.